Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tofu Mania

What's better than tofu? Tofu Marsala, of course. Served with a generous portion of Sesame Garlic Wilted Kale. Both recipes come from good ole 500 Vegan Recipes, of which, after more than a year of vegan cooking, I have still barely scraped the surface.
On the junk food front, I've picked up a few goodies over the past couple of  months, including a carton of Amande almond milk yogurt. Well, I guess you could argue that yogurt isn't junk food. Anyway, I tried the cherry flavor, which was delicious. It tastes nothing like traditional milk-based yogurt, which suits me fine, as I never really liked actual yogurt anyway. J had a bite and thought it was more of a dessert than a breakfast-type food, and I have to agree.
Oh, and I made this:
My mother brought me her old bread maker. This loaf is just a non-fussy white bread, but I hope to branch out soon!

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