Saturday, June 9, 2012

Loving Hut Buffet

So I attended my first Meetup event. For you folks who don't know what a Meetup is, it's where people with similar interests get together and hang out. That's the basic premise. I was excited to find a vegan Meetup in the Pittsburgh area, and equally excited that it was going to be held at Loving Hut. 

Sadly, I didn't meet anyone new! J and I were seated in a booth by ourselves. I looked around to see where the Meetup group could possibly be hiding, but there were no large crowd of people, or a sign. 29 people were signed up to attend, according to the website. I'm not brave enough to walk up to random people and say, "Hey, are you with the Meetup?"

At least the food was great. I've never been to one of Loving Hut's monthly buffet, and I have to say that it was excellent. Look at all the grub!

I had to try everything! Well, almost everything. There was a broccoli soup and pineapple fried rice I didn't get to taste. That's because I had to make room for ...
Tasty baked goods! Two hours later, I'm still stuffed. Note to self: I don't really have to try all the sweets available at a buffet.

Well, I'll give the Meetup another try, hopefully in a less confusing/isolating setting. I'm looking forward to meeting you, Pittsburgh vegans!


  1. Our local Loving Hut doesn't have a buffet;-(. Maybe it is something they'll do in the future. Neat looking green cupper.

  2. Great looking food. I wish there was a Loving Hut in Hartford.

    Sadly, your experience with the Meetup is not that different from ours here. My Sweetie actually took over the leadership of the Central Connecticut Vegetarian Meetup for a year after someone else stepped down, and a lot of people would say they were attending but would not show. (FYI when we went to a restaurant we would tell the host we were from the Meetup so they could direct other people to our table.) When Sweetie stepped down the group went defunct because no one stepped up to take it over. We did make a few friends through the group that we're still in touch with though so that's good.