Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stir Fry and (Finally) A Few Comics

So, I managed to cook a few dishes this week. Tonight we had a stir fry. No recipe needed. I used a Thai satay peanut sauce and asparagus, fresh green beans, mushrooms, straw mushrooms, baby corn, green pepper and onion. A liberal teaspoon of sriracha rounded out the flavor. 
 I also tried a new dish. Cannellini Kale Soup is from Get it Ripe, and it was quick, easy, and delicious. The cannellini beans give this soup a smooth, hearty texture. Can I just say again how much I heart kale?
Now onto comics! I finally read Batwoman #6 by J.H. Williams III/Amy Reeder and Animal Man #7 by Jeff Lemire/Travel Foreman. 
I have to say that both issues were disappointing. There was a great scene in Animal Man where Cliff attempts to impress girls by telling him who his father is. The girls don't believe him, at least until Buddy swoops in, quite literally. Otherwise, nothing really stood out in either comic. There was a lot of flashback sequencing in Batwoman that made the events hard to follow. I can only assume that everything gets clearer in #7, which I forgot to pick up from the comic book store last night! I did get the next issue of Animal Man, so expect a review soon. 


  1. That stir fry looks so good & I am really hungry right now - wish I could reach through the screen. That soup looks interesting. Do you purée the beans?

    I need to get back to reading my Trina Robbins book.

    1. Hi Miss Rachel,
      Yes, the beans are pureed. I used my great immersion blender, which makes it so easy.

  2. The soup looks beautiful. Would you say it's like this recipe (without the cheese)?

    Sorry I can't get into the comic talk, although Mr. SV & I are major fans of The Big Bang Theory. Makes me want to go into a Comic Shop every time I pass one.

    1. You know, I've never seen an episode of The Big Bang Theory. But I want to. It sounds like something I would like. :) I don't have the Get it Ripe recipe on me, but I'd say it's pretty similar. There are no carrots in the GIR version though.