Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And Yet More Soup

I wasn't kidding when I wrote earlier that I am in major SOUP mode. J and I have had soup for the past two nights now. Last night was celery and red potato soup.
I improvised this soup, using my go-to cream of potato soup recipe for a starting point. I halved the amount of potatoes I'd normally use, and added five stalks of celery. I think I overcooked the celery a little, but otherwise it tasted great. Oh, and I've been using rice milk lately in cream soups. I think it has a more "milky" hue than soy milk does, though I honestly can't taste a difference between the two.

J and I didn't cook anything tonight. Instead we went to Salem's Market and Grill and brought home an enormous container of lentil soup. I love Salem's. Everything I've ever tried there has been fresh and delicious, and the lentil soup is no exception. It has a lovely spicy aftertaste. Yum!
In comic book news, I have started my foray into the Batgirl universe by reading Kelley Puckett's Batgirl: A Knight Alone. According to Wikipedia, this is actually the second trade paperback in Cassandra Cain's legacy as Batgirl. I couldn't find the first book, A Silent Running, so just crossed my fingers and hoped that not knowing what the hell was going on wouldn't lessen my reading enjoyment.
It really didn't. Cassandra Cain is not much of a talker, and apparently spent most of her childhood training to be an assassin. I don't know if she was kidnapped from her family at a young age or not, but there's definitely something off about her upbringing (you know, besides the obvious). And she kicks ass so hard. Like Barbara Gordon in the new rebooted Batgirl series, Cass Cain is a teenager, but she isn't the giggling, whining sort. She definitely has a few issues to work through, but what makes her so compelling is a stoicism mixed in with fleeting moments of vulnerability.

Oh, and she's Asian! Yay for Asian superheroes! 
And for most of the book, she was staying with Oracle!!! Yes, this is my first introduction to Oracle, aka Barbara Gordon, the Barbara Gordon who existed before the New 52 reboot. She doesn't do much in this arc except express concern for Cass' wellbeing, but I still felt happy every time she appeared in the panels.

One thing I am still trying to figure out. Maybe this is an extremely naive question, but why is it so important that superheroes keep their identities secret? There is a storyline in A Knight Alone when Cass' identity is potentially compromised. It was also a major theme in the Gotham City Sirens book I read. I just don't understand why this is such a big deal. If you know, leave me a comment.

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