Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yummy Fun!

Hello! Remember when I posted about winning a copy of Amey (from Vegan Eat & Treats)'s cookbooklette? Well, it arrived a few weeks ago. 

Isn't the cover adorable? There are cute illustrations on almost every page.

All the recipes sound scrumptious, but I decided to try the Quinoa-Corn Chowder with Limas.
This is such a great stew! I love quinoa, but I've only ever had it/served it as a side dish. Its light texture is a nice alternative from rice. Besides the lima beans and corn, there's red potatoes, plum tomatoes, and sriracha. Yes, sriracha as a main ingredient! It gave the chowder a bright, slightly spicy taste. It wasn't too spicy for J, who thought this was one of the best things I've made recently. So I'm sure this chowder will be popping up on the blog again. :)

 For dessert, J and I had the Vanilla Chia Tapioca Pudding from Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet. I bought a copy of CSD at least six months ago. I've been wanting to do the 21 Adventure Cleanse, but frankly, am intimidated. You drink a lot of green juices (which I'm still not that comfortable with), an optional day of fasting, and basically 21 days of whole foods with an emphasis on raw. It's the raw part that gets me. To be honest, I prefer most vegetables cooked than raw. I don't even really like raw cauliflower or broccoli, the stuff most people happily gobble up with dip.

I think I'll try the Cleanse sometime in the near future. In the meantime, I'm trying to cozy up to the idea by trying some of the recipes included in the book. Dessert sounded like a great way to start.

Here's a picture of the chia tapioca. It's not that great of a picture, but it's delicious!! The chia seeds replace the tapioca pearls, and cinnamon, vanilla extract, and agave nectar give it a mildly sweet taste. The recipe called for hemp seed or brazil nut milk, but umm, I just used rice milk. It's so nice to have a healthful, guilt-free dessert.

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