Saturday, July 31, 2010

Indian Food!

When we used to live in NYC, J and I had a favorite place on Houston Street for Indian food. It was called Punjabi, a little hole-in-the wall that catered mostly to cab drivers. It was dirt cheap and everything served was vegetarian.

Since moving to Pittsburgh, we've gone to quite a few Indian restaurants, some of them good, some of them just okay. But there was nothing that could compare to Punjabi. Until we tried Sree's. This is another little hole in the wall, and like Punjabi, the portions are big and shockingly cheap. It's $6 for the vegetarian/vegan special, which includes rice, four dal or curry dishes, and half a pita bread (also vegan). The portions are enough for both dinner and lunch, at least for me.

Here's a picture. I ate quite a bit before I remembered to snap the shot, so this isn't an accurate indication of how much food they actually give you. There was a chickpea curry, a tomato dal, and a black-eyed pea and spinach dish.
So good! If you're ever in the Pittsburgh area, you must try Sree's. 


  1. I love Punjabi! I live and work right near there, and it's definitely a staple. When I don't want to buy takeout though, one of my favorite vegetarian ready-made Indian meal brands is Tasty Bite. I love it so much because it's preservative-free, all natural, low fat/salt/cal, and is made with the simplest ingredients. It also completely lives up to its name - all the meals are super tasty. I definitely recommend trying them if you love Punjabi's as much as I do. I get mine at Whole Foods, but I know you can buy them on Amazon, on their website, or a Costco too. Thanks for the Punjabi shout out! And good luck in PA!

  2. Preservative-free is definitely a plus for me too. Thanks for the recommendation!