Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aliens, Apes, and Salad

I just had to read this volume of Power Girl. The charming art montage on the cover, paired with the title (Aliens and Apes) made it irresistible. I have to admit, however, that my expectations weren't very high. I read Power Girl: The New Beginning, and found it a bit hard to get through, especially the fight sequences.
Aliens and Apes is absolutely pitch perfect. It's funny, action-packed, and Power Girl is a compelling heroine. I especially loved her interactions with her best friend, Terra, whom she just happens to have to rescue from certain doom! Oh, and Power Girl's cat is super cute, too. 

It's been a rough week, so I haven't caught up on the single issue comics I purchased last Wednesday. I did read Animal Man #6 and Memorial #2.

The last issue of Animal Man ended on quite a cliffhanger. This issue takes a surprising detour -- I don't want to reveal any spoilers, but let me just say that it was nothing I was expecting. This comic book is BRILLIANT. Each issue gets better and better. 

I can't say the same thing about Memorial #2. I read the first issue, and found the writing clunky and the plot bland. I love the idea of the premise -- an ever expansive fairy tale, but on paper it just didn't appeal to me. I wasn't planning on picking up the second issue, but an interview with the writer and artist on War Rocket Ajax convinced me to give it another try. 
Alas, it was just more of the same. The protagonist and her talking cat companion were not interesting enough for me to want to read on. This is a shame, because I'm all for supporting comic books featuring female leads. 

Oh well. At least I had some great food lately. On Saturday night, J and I went to a friend's house for dinner. We brought a split pea soup (you can see a photograph of this soup from a few weeks ago), and our friend made a lovely Mango and Heart of Palm Salad with a Lime Vinaigrette. It was a nice alternative from the traditional tomato/lettuce salad.
Last night I was feeling sluggish, so I decided to give my system a nice jolt of energy by making a big pot of Creemy Kale Soup from Jae Steele's Ripe From Around Here. Mmm. There's really nothing better than kale. Here, pureed with zucchini and onions, the kale had an almost cilantro-ish taste. 
Oh yeah, and I finished that vest. Which turned out to be a short-sleeed knitted top instead. I'll post pictures next time, I promise!

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