Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chew and that Aforementioned Vest

Remember that vest-that-became-a-knitted-tee I mentioned last time? Well, here is a photo:
Pattern: Ms. Marigold by Sarah Moore (you can purchase a copy on Ravelry)
Needle: 5
Yarn: Schulana Sierrra

I really liked this pattern; the yarn, not so much. It was very splitty, and I had a hell of a time weaving in the ends and then keeping the stitches I weaved them under from looking bumpy and obvious. 

Oh, and one obvious alteration to the pattern are the addition of the sleeves. The pattern calls for a crocheted ruffle around the sleeves that looked very cute on other people, but I didn't think it would have been flattering on me. 

And now for a comic book endorsement: Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory.
Tony Chiu is an FDA agent who is also a cibopath, a rare individual able to solve crimes by tasting the evidence. Tony's world is one in which the FDA rank higher than the police, and chicken is a contraband food, so illegal and coveted that some people will commit crimes to get their hands on it. 

I loved this book! The story is riveting, witty with great pacing, and the art is wonderful. There is a panel where Tony is trying (and failing) to fall asleep that blew me away with its innovativeness. Let's just say that white space was used. I've never seen white space used in a comic book before. 

I also read Alpha Girl #1, which I picked up from the comic book store last week. I'm behind in my reading. 
Anyway, this one seems interesting. The pacing isn't that hot -- I think they could have done a little more with this first issue. But the premise is certainly intriguing. Judith is a teenager living in a world overrun by female zombies. There's a nefarious cosmetic company involved in the outbreak, which we see in detail. What we only get in glimpses is Judith and her brother's sad, sordid past. Her brother is currently locked up in juvenile detention, and I'm assuming Judith will head down there to get him out. 

It wasn't a riveting read, but I'm interested enough to buy a copy of #2 next month.


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    1. You do! Chew is awesome! Just finished volume 2, I'll blog about it soon.