Monday, February 13, 2012

Brad's Raw Leafy Kale

I just want to do a quick post about Brad's Raw Leafy Kale. I bought a container of the Nasty Hot flavor when I was shopping at Whole Foods last weekend, and it's incredible. I make kale chips all the time, but I bake them. Brad's Leafy Kale is dehydrated and has a great mixture of nutritional yeast, cashews, and jalapeno sprinkled over them. One 2.5 ounce container was kind of pricey, which makes me think a dehydrator of my own might be a good future investment. I have wanted one for years. In the meantime, I'll pick up another container of this Kale. It was a satisfying and healthy snack. 
Oh, and my household is divided about the spice level of this product. J thinks Nasty Hot is an accurate description, while I only found the kale to be mildly spicy.

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