Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Random Pictures

It's still early, and I've only just had breakfast (TJ flax seed oatmeal with a little sugar-free syrup!), so no photos of food. Yet. But I just took a really cute picture of one of our kitties.
We both like it a lot when I have a comp day and can stay at home! Not that I won't be busy. My apartment is a disaster zone. We haven't cleaned since my family visited, which was two weeks ago. I hate cleaning, ugh, but it has to be done. Also, I haven't exercised in TWO days!!!! This means only one thing: at least an hour of exercising today.

Now, can't post a picture of one of the babies and not the rest!

And one of the husband! J got his hair cut a few days ago. It is very short, and I still need time to get used to it, but he likes it a lot. He doesn't like to smile for pictures, though!

And here's one of me, being my normal weird-o self.
I guess I don't really like smiling for pictures either. Not that you can see my mouth!