Friday, June 4, 2010

OMG It's Pizza!!!!!

So, the last time I had pizza (not made by either my husband or myself, that is) was January. I expected to have pizza again, but a cheese-less version that I would probably have to doctor up at home with a handful of Daiya. Then the other day I was googling vegan food in Pittsburgh, and found out about Spak Brothers. Take a look at their menu. It's amazing, with so many veg pizza, hoagie, and even appetizer choices. With much anticipation, J picked up two small pizzas. His was feta, tomato, and kalamata olive. Mine was soy cheese, fake pepperoni, and mushrooms! This is the sort of pizza combination I would eat pre-vegan!

And look how beautiful it is.

It tasted just as wonderful as it looks! The crust was amazing, and the soy cheese was perfectly melty. And because there was so much of it, I have leftover pizza for lunch (or breakfast!) tomorrow. Spak Brothers, I love you!

I guess indulgence was the theme for tonight. I had some strawberries and rhubarb from the Farmer's Market this week, so I made a pan of strawberry cobbler from the May/June issue of Vegetarian Times. I improvised and added the rhubarb (just a few thin stalks).

Here's a picture of what I spooned into my bowl.

Wow, this is good. The recipe is from Donna Klein's Supermarket Vegan (VT actually showcased five different recipes from the cookbook. There's a Jamaican-style Black Bean and Coconut Cornbread Bake that sounds great too). It was quick and easy to whip up, and yes, I could have gotten all the ingredients from my local Giant Eagle. If this is any indication of the quality of recipes in Supermarket Vegan, I want a copy!

To look forward to this weekend: my first adventure with buckwheat groats. Also, risotto! Of course, there will be lots of pictures.  


  1. i actually live about 10 blocks from Spak Brothers. the food is good but i don't particularly care for the owners or their attitudes. good post overall and the pizza does look excellent, but Pittsburgh is so small that everything i've heard about the people who run Spak turns me off.

    what a shame when a vegan can't support a vegan eatery...

  2. That's disheartening to hear. It is a shame, when there are so few vegan-friendly restaurants out there.

  3. Also, I'm very curious: what have you heard?

  4. i would rather not post it publicly because i fully support most vegan establishments too and don't want to step into the drama. However, those guys are extremely arrogant and that's only touching on the outermost part of the issues some people have with them. That pizza looks so good that maybe I'll just stay away from the drama, take your word for it, and order me a pizza next time i'm eating cooked food...