Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Soba Noodles and Kale Chips

J was all for grilling a couple of veggie burgers for dinner tonight and calling it a day, but I had a crazy craving for noodles. But not starchy Italian noodles. Soba noodles! I found this recipe from The Ordinary Vegetarian. Look at all the soba goodness!

It was absolutely delicious. I urge everyone to try this. If you triple the recipe, like I did, you'll have plenty left over for lunch.

I bought another bunch of kale from the Farmer's Market the other day. Luckily I have the latest issue of Veg News, complete with a recipe for kale chips. I'd never had kale chips before. They were really good, and quite addictive, like chips of all kinds. Crispy and salty, yum.

Being a vegan is amazing. I'd never even had kale before a few weeks ago. Here is a list of some other things I'd either never liked or never tried before going veg:
1) Beans (kidney, cannelinni)
2) Grapefruit
3) Tempeh and seitan
4) Oatmeal (I am now an official oatmeal addict)
5) Agave nectar
6) Nutritional yeast
7) Brown rice (love it!!! Just the short grain, though. I don't care for the long grain version)
8) Leeks
9) Kabocha squash
10) Bulgur, millet, and quinoa

In short, the stuff we're cooking now is so much more exciting than the hamburger and mushroom-soup based food I used to make. I actually look forward to brown-bagging lunch to work. And I feel so revitalized. My skin is clearer, my body feels lighter, and I have so much more energy. It's amazing, how much power food has. I used to think food was just something to shovel in my mouth, without benefit or consequence. I don't think that anymore.

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  1. I have to agree with is the fuel we need to do anything and it is great when we enjoy what we eat, too. I love to cook as well as eat. Yummy !!!