Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Butternut Bisque with Cauliflower

I was kinda worried about how this soup would turn out. It seemed way too convenient, what with two of the three vegetables (butternut squash and corn) of the frozen variety. Also, I was leery about using soy creamer in cooking. I'd never actually tasted soy creamer before, to tell the truth.

I was silly to worry. This soup was amazing. I served it with freshly ground black pepper and a few drizzles of sriracha (my new spicy condiment of choice, thanks to Reg and Justin). Next time, I will definitely double the ingredients so there are lots and lots of leftovers.

The recipe was from the March issue of Vegetarian Times. They might have it on their website as well.


  1. Sriracha sauce is king! (And I would like to try some of that soup.)

  2. Next time you come to Pittsburgh I'll make it! It's really good.