Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keeping it Simple

I make a crapload of dishes on Sunday so, when Tuesday and Wednesday rolls around and I feel too tired and uninspired to cook anything, we don't fall into our old habits of grabbing a fast food dinner. We have leftovers instead. Luckily, we like the food so much we're happy to eat them again!

So today was a leftovers kind of day. I did roast a bunch of asparagus and a little red sweet pepper, however. Can you believe I didn't know about the magic of roasting until a few months ago? Now I'm a complete roasting convert. Asparagus, garlic, peppers, you name it - I roast it. Tossed with a little light olive oil and red wine vinegar, it makes for an elegant and delicious side dish.

Also, I got to use the new casserole dish I bought this weekend from Marshall's. So cute!

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