Friday, April 30, 2010

Yo Rita!

Tonight we tried a new taco restaurant on the South Side, Yo Rita. I want to make the distinction that this is not a Mexican restaurant. Yo Rita has appetizers and a taco menu, and every dish is completely inventive and fresh. You won't find any refried beans or nachos here.

I chose the chickpea empanada for my appetizer. I never had an empanada before, which is a Spanish-style bread that is stuffed and then deep-fried. No picture of the empanada because I gobbled mine up before remembering the camera in my bag! It was great though. Delicious.  

My taco choice was crispy eggplant with sweet chili sauce, avocado, and hot fries. Here too, I couldn't resist taking a bite before pulling out the camera (oops!).

At first I thought the hot fries might make for a weird combination, but all the flavors melded together really nicely. And the eggplant was perfectly crispy.

My husband tried the black eyed pea taco with garbanzos, spinach, crispy rice, and goat cheese. Because of the goat cheese, I didn't get to try it, but he said it was good. And umm, for an appetizer he had some variety of fish (I looked it up on the menu, it was salt cod).

No picture of his food, but here is a picture of him! It doesn't look like he was happy with his meal, but he was. Really.
We'll definitely be going back to Yo Rita again in the near future.

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